Some thoughts on my story: What of Christmas Dreams

The incentive for the majority of my stories comes from various prompts. These could be those in Judy Reeves’ book, A Writer’s Book of Daysand my mainstay source, Bonnie Neubauer’s Story SpinnerOf course, there are always the little things in my life experience that will drive me to create something new.

The story, What of Christmas Dreams, in its first draft back in December 2008 had the working title of A Christmas Story. Since that title has been used to great affect by someone much more noted than myself, my editor and publisher had me change it. I think the new title better expresses the overall theme of the story, and I must thank my editors Amy Hollinger and Marie Gilbert for making me change it.

The original prompt for this story came not from any of the various books of prompts, but my thoughts on some current events taking place within my extended family. Naturally, names have been changed and the story has been fictionalized. However, I’m sure that if some of the people whom the characters are based upon were to read the story, they might just recognize themselves. So, like just about every story I’ve written, there is at least a passing wave to some autobiographical link.

It took eighteen revisions to arrive at the final draft for the story now titled, What of Christmas Dreams, in July of 2012. My little tale was included in the 2012 anthology, Tall Tales and Short Stories, released  on November 19,2012.


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